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Pause Articulate when links open [free file]

Submitted by Kingsley on Tue, 01/12/2010 - 12:16

The Problem:
When a user follows a link your Articulate presentation your presentation keeps playing in the background.
The Solution:
Over ride Articulate's function for opening URLs with the following code.
_global.my_pptHyperUrl = function(theurl){
getURL(theurl, "arttpopper");
_level44.pptHyperUrl = _global.my_pptHyperUrl

Try it here Right click and save this link to get the swf Save SWF

Inject code into Articulate via null.swf

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 15:50

Sometimes when I need to get some code into Articulate early in a presentations life cycle I hijack the null.swf file. Articulate seems to use this file as a place holder for swfs it may or may not load later. The null.swf itself really doesnt have any AS code in it so it's a good place to play.
Keep in mind it gets loaded more then once so you may need to build some checks into your code to make sure you dont repeat yourself.

Here is an example of 'security' using this file. Let's say I wanted to make sure my courses where only run off my own site I could use this:

My Articulate 2010 Wish List

Submitted by Kingsley on Tue, 12/22/2009 - 09:34

Articulate is an awesome product with a great community behind it. Additionally their support rocks. But we should all challenge ourselves to be better.

Having spent a few years using Articulate, and the last year really digging deep into it, I have come up with a few items I would love to see in the next version of Articulate. Feel free to add your wishes via comments.

Control Time! Well in #Articulate Quizmaker

Submitted by Kingsley on Mon, 12/21/2009 - 13:21

A friend mentioned to me that it would be cool if someone could pause the timer in an Articulate Quiz on certian questions. Turns out its not that hard to do!
For my fellow ActionScript geeks here is the code that matters:
_level0.g_mcFrame.mcClock.m_bStopped //Boolean indicating if the timer is currently stopped
_level0.g_mcFrame.mcClock.StartTimer() //Starts the timer
_level0.g_mcFrame.mcClock.StopTimer(); //Stops the timer

Articulate Tab(s) that jump to any slide(s) you choose

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 09:01

A month or so ago I create an Articulate Tab that jumps to any slide you choose. Since then I got a few request to add the ability to use multiple tabs.
I had rewrite most of the code as the original relied on Articulates built in module item identification system. Here are the results. Purchase here:…

Faster ppt #Articulate branching with free macro

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 12/03/2009 - 15:20

I'm working on a project that has many many 'hot spots' in PowerPoint that allow the learner to select the correct area of a photo. I the get it right; great I want to jump them to the correct feedback. If the get it wrong the need to get some feedback and another chance. The number of correct/incorrect hot spots vary per slide. I decided to knock out a couple of quick macros to help automate this process for me.
You can download the macro file here:(right-click; save as) createHyperlinks.bas

Brainstorm and Sort in Articulate

Submitted by Kingsley on Wed, 11/25/2009 - 12:27

A client contacted me with a need to let students brainstorm a list of ideas/items and then later sort them into categories. I thought this was a great idea! So I got to work.

I recorded a screenr (bottom of post) to demo some of its features and how to use it... but really its pretty self-explanatory.

  • Set up your slides with a bit of instruction at the top.
  • Drop the gather.swf into the slide where you want them to input info
  • Drop either sort2.swf or sort3.swf into the slide where they should... well sort.