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Explode Your Storyline File

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 09/13/2018 - 17:57


In this post I will walk through a method I use sometimes when I need to change data deep inside my Storyline file. In this particular example I need to find and replace text that appears on all the slide and scene titles. It’s a task that would be tedious and take some time if I did it within Storyline. By exploding (unzipping) the .story file I can make these sort of changes quickly and with little effort.

Watch the video to see how it works:

So; You think your job doesn’t matter?

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 23:52
Recently I completed a project with the eLearning Brothers for a national fraternity. It was a challenging project that really let me showcase some of my skills. They needed to add several features to Storyline elevate a course into a truly engaging and effective course. It was the kind of stuff I love and I knew I would get a lot out of it. But I had no idea just how important it was.

Integrate Amazon Polly into Storyline (Dynamic Text-to-Speech)

Submitted by Kingsley on Tue, 03/06/2018 - 14:02


UPDATE: The new version has an option to translate your text (via Google Translate API) before speaking it!

I am working with a client that wants to dynamically insert the learner’s name and score into the audio narration.  For example: “Great job Susan, you scored 98 on the final test.”

Create multi-level TOC in Adobe Captivate

Submitted by Kingsley on Mon, 03/05/2018 - 17:46

Chuck Sigmund asked for some help in the Adobe Captivate Users LinkedIn Group. He needs to create a multi-level menu. 

My solution uses a bit of JavaScript/Jquery trickery and I only built it for the Responsive output.

I add a ">" to the beginning of the slide name of any slide I want to indent (ex: >Level 2 slide"). 
Then I run this JS when the course loads:

Future Proofing Multiple Course Links

Submitted by Kingsley on Tue, 02/14/2012 - 14:11

This is an update to my last post Future Proofing Course Links and like that solution this will work with any tool (captivate, articulate, lectora, etc)
David liked my solution but didn't want to maintain dozens of html files.
This solution uses a bit more JavaScript and allows you to pass a keyword to it. This way we can use one HTML page with some logic built into it.
I will record a screenr to demostrate this also but here are the basic steps.
First we will create a blank HTML page

Future Proofing Course Links

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 02/09/2012 - 12:49

UPDATE: See this solution if you have a lot of links. Future Proofing Multiple Course Links
We received a question over at from a user, David, who is linking to government sites but the sites keep moving the content!
This comes up a lot... you create a link to your companies internal wiki "" but then they go and change it "". Now you have to go back and change all your courses and republish them.

Are We Wired For Mobile Learning?

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 09/01/2011 - 08:37

There is a ton of info in this graphic and you will be tempted to skim it... Don't. The data is very revealing.

The data indicates we are ready Mobile Learning.
My personal thoughts (and I have done a bit of work in this area) is that it needs to be innovative and well implemented or it will fail.

Student's need a reason to use it and it should offer something more then traditional eLearning or classroom learning.