UPDATE: The new version has an option to translate your text (via Google Translate API) before speaking it!

I am working with a client that wants to dynamically insert the learner’s name and score into the audio narration.  For example: “Great job Susan, you scored 98 on the final test.”

I have been doing a lot of work lately integrating Google and AWS APIs into both Storyline and Captivate courses. For this project I chose to use Amazon’s Polly API. Mainly because I like their JavaScript library and it does not require a server-to-server connection (although that would be more secure).

Play with the new version here: https://www.jameskingsley.com/demos/pollywithtranslate/

Play with the original here:  https://www.jameskingsley.com/demos/polly/

To play with dynamically inserting your name (or any text really) click the rocket.

Please leave comments below about how you could use this type of solution in your courses.

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