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$8 Articulate Skin vs. $2K Skin

Submitted by Kingsley on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 16:31

Recently a few questions have arisen about the differences between the skin I offer for 8 dollars and my custom skins. Specifically, “Why does a custom skin cost up to $2,000 when that other one is so inexpensive?” It’s a valid question that deserves a comprehensive answer
First, keep in mind most of my skins are well below 2K. It all depends on what you ask for.

Some things you get with a custom skin.

No one else will ever be able to buy it. You will be the only person with that skin.  Think about the difference between a one-of-a-kind handbuilt car and a Chevy cavalier.

Your skin will look nice. Let’s face it… graphics aint my thing. Oh, I do OK… but we have all seen much better.  When you commission a custom skin, I use your graphics. If you don’t have any graphics; I will do my best and you will have a voice. Together we will make it look sharp. It will have the exact look and feel you want. Speaking off that…

Your skin will have your layout. Don’t like this button here? Great, I’ll move it! Want the menu to swoosh in? Sure thing, you’re the Boss. Not so for an $8 skin.

Your skin will be full featured. My current $8 offering (and any future ones) does not have many bells and whistles to it. It is fine for a simple course but not flexible/robust enough for complex course or multiple types of courses. It is usually too much trouble to place all the possible options into one skin. Your skin will get whatever features you ask for.

To Wrap Up:  I really have not sold very many of the 8-buck skin (might due to the crappy graphics) and I do not have any immediate plans for any more. I posted the first one as kind of an experiment to gauge interest… turns out.. not many people want to buy a limited featured, ugly skin that anyone else can buy.



Submitted by Stephanie (not verified) on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 19:02


Hi. I think you are actually selling yourself short. The concept of the $8 skin is a great one. The concept of selling code snippets, plugs/addins for varying prices is a great one too. Calling your work ugly...well that's not so great. Ugly? Well there are 3 icons that could look better - you could replace them with some kind of smaller, glass like icons without any real effort and poof the interface is magically transformed and the skins appeal increases by leaps and bounds. Your work - its functionality, its usefulness is not ugly.

I think there is a market for this - add a new skin each month or each quarter and see how it goes. Articulate is gaining clients and your audience is growing all the time. Let's see...8 bucks x 3,000 sales over the course of a year is a cool $24,000 is extra coin. Not including sales of snippets, etc. Not so bad for a hobby. Bumping the price up by 3 times would still be a no brainer for most of us. $24 bucks sounds just as sweet.

You are good at what you do. You contribute back to the community. Please don't go private only! Your efforts help the rest of us who really can't justify $2k for a skin or couldn't for the life of us couldn't figure out how to add something as useful as multiple tabs, to produce higher quality solutions while pushing the boundaries of what Articulate can do and can look like.

Without people like you we users would have to put in our feature requests (like multiple tabs) and wait a year for Articulate to release a new version that may or may not include the requested feature. With your help, we're not constrained by Articulate's decisions and timelines.


Submitted by chat54 (not verified) on Fri, 01/22/2010 - 13:10


I agree with everything Stephanie said, you really do not appreciate how much you bring to the community, indeed I am always inspired by how much you contribute and the time spend making these contributions!

Submitted by Molly (not verified) on Wed, 03/31/2010 - 19:41


I paid the eight dollars to get the Articulate skin, but after paypal confirmed purchase they did not direct me to the download link. i am really excited to get working on this please send me the download link. Must have this to finish a deadline for work, eeek. Thank you.

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