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eLearning DevCon 2010

Submitted by Kingsley on Fri, 06/11/2010 - 14:19

I'm really excited about attending and presenting at eLearning DevCon 2010 next week!

I will be presenting 2 BYOL sessions:

  • Port Flash Interactions to Articulate Engage; become rich & famous
  • Incorporating custom-Built Flash into Articulate via the API

I will also be participating in a few round table discussions... one on Flash vs HTML5 and another on Scaling eLearning for large corporations.

Additionally I hope to meet a lot new folks in the Help Lab.

For those of you attending my Engage session you will get the chance to build your own version my Articulate Engage Interaction (iPad theme).

For you Flash geeks who can't make it... here are the files

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