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My G1 had to be put down Saturday.

Submitted by Kingsley on Mon, 10/12/2009 - 11:52

My G1 has survived a lot of abuse at my hands. Many wipes, hacks, failed mod attempts…

However, what ultimately led to its demise was a simple hardware failure; also possibly my fault.

It seems as if the Red Power button was stuck down. So no matter what I was doing the Power Off menu kept popping to the foreground. As soon as I would dismiss it, pop! It would be back again. Which made it impossible to anything with the phone.

I say this might be my fault because I was carrying a bunch of hard-sided boxes that morning with the G1 in my front pocket… its possible I banged the power button.

The young lady at the t-mobile store was very good. She was obviously familiar with the phone and stepped though the standard troubleshooting procedures quickly. She told me from the beginning that she too thought it was a hardware issue but had to follow the protocol. She was polite and kinda funny too.

At some point, she asked the store manager to remind her how to boot to Safe Mode (hold the menu button down while booting). He played around with it for a moment and then asked me “Did you root your phone?” I just arched an eyebrow in mock surprise/confusion. He said “From the look on your face I will take that as a No” in a conspiratorial tone.

The good news is I was told a new phone would arrive at more do in 5-7 days ( I coulda paid $20 to get it in 3).

The bad news is that this is my loaner phone a Samsung SGH-T229:

How will survive without constant web/twitter/gmail/im/facebook contact?


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