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New #Articulate skin; dirt cheap.

Submitted by Kingsley on Sat, 11/14/2009 - 11:45

UPDATE: I am officially removing this skin from the market. Times have changed and code has evolved. Although they are not "dirt cheap" our skins on have many more features than this one.
Thanks for coming to check it out. Please try one of the more featured skins on Or contact us to have a custom skin built.

Thank you,
James Kingsley


Submitted by Mike Gallagher (not verified) on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 12:00


I noticed that if you resize the browser window to make the window larger vertically, you can see the bottom of the Engage interaction at the top of the screen. Just thought I'd mention it.

I'm not knocking it, I just thought I'd let you know. Great job!

Hi there. I have a requirement to produce chromelss output from Articulate/PowerPoint - just straight flash without any kind of shell around the powerpoint content.

The option for "slide only" in Presenter essentially creates this effect, however, there is a slide background around the actual powerpoint content that consumes space and constrains the powerpoint content into a smaller viewing area.

Your skin manages to increase the powerpoint content viewing size by 13% but without having a "slide only" view available, it doesn't quite work for me.

Any chance that you can adjust the skin so it includes a slide only viewing option as another person here suggested?

Thanks. Stephanie

The trouble is that the Articulate player is 980x640. I can re-skin the player but cant really change the size of it... I've been toying with some ways to adjust it with javascript within a div tag.
I was recently contacted with a proposal to built a skin that really maximizes the content area. I hope to have more news on that soon.

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