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Due to recent unexpected changes in my personal life I find that I need to change jobs.
I say this with a sad heart because I have worked at Dominion for eight years. I have faced many wonderful challenges there and my skills have grown immensely. I have many friends and colleagues there that I will miss. I need to remain in the Richmond Virginia area but I am able to travel a fair amount.
A little about me…
I love to solve problems and I am passionate about eLearning. For me, figuring out how to get multiple technologies to all play well together is fun. I enjoy taking things apart and finding ways to make them better (often this Articulate but it could be my dryer too). 
I have a knack for being able to translate Geek Speak to English. I am able to break complex concepts down to the simpler parts and explain them.
I am one of those people who see the bigger picture with many working parts and can usually foresee long term outcomes. This flip side to this is that I do not enjoy getting bogged down in details.
I am self-taught in almost everything. I picked up a few classes here and there over the years but most of my skills and knowledge come from hands on experience. As I said… I like to figure things out. The upside to this is that I am a creative problem solver not constrained by foreknowledge of how things “should be done”. The downside to this is that I am unfamiliar with some predefined processes.
In my spare time I like create mobile applications for Android phones.
Prior to my civilian career in Training/eLearning/Programing I was a shift supervisor of a NATO Airport. I ensured the timely arrival and departure of aircraft while supervising 25 personnel.
Below is my resume you can also grab a pdf version here.




James J. Kingsley


Richmond VA 23228

(804) 767-8001

01/10– Present

Creative Director / Co-Owner

§ Articulate MVP (

§ Develop reusable solutions to enhance Articulate (

§ Present various technical topics at eLearning conferences.

§ Share tips, code, techniques for using Articulate SDK on

§ Develop Custom eLearning solutions for clients.

§ Co-Develop applications for Android Marketplace.

Dominion Power

06/02– Present

Senior Training Specialist / Technical Team Lead:

§ Lead team of eLearning Developers for Customer Service and Safety.

§ Evaluated and selected tools for Distant Learning. Piloted Distant Learning program and provided training to Instructors.

§ Guide customers and SMEs through all phases of course development.

§ Conduct Job Task Analysis through interviews, questionnaires and observation.

§ Design and Deliver Classroom Training for staff on development tools and strategies for creating effective eLearning.

§ Develop and Maintain SharePoint sites for students and staff.

§ Identified a need for training developers thorough out Dominion to share ideas. Proposed and organized the Dominion eLearning Summit.

§ Research and purchase development tools.

§ Standardize and Document team procedures.

§ Create eLearning including CBTS, electronic job aids, interactive videos, games and animations using Flash, Articulate, Captivate, Toolbook, OpenScript, etc.

§ Create and/or edit training videos.

§ Established effective working relationships with customers in various Business Units.

Senior Business Systems Analyst:

§ LMS Solution Team – Technical / Content Expert.

§ Troubleshoot and resolve LMS, SCORM, AICC issues.

 Training Specialist:

§ Create online courses, web sites, instructive videos, educational games, graphics and animations for Customer Service Centers.

§ Troubleshoot and resolve CBT issues.

§ Train instructional staff on new technologies.

§ Deliver ILT to Customer Service personnel (PC Basics).

§ Designed and developed online Safety Observation Form using Flash MX with Oracle backend (subject to Federal Compliance).

Omni Services Inc.

02/01 – 06/02

Technical Trainer / CBT Developer:

§ Developed and delivered technical training programs to both office and plant personnel.

§ Developed CBTs related to Windows, SAP, and Outlook using ASP, and Flash.

§ Produced training videos introducing users to their computer.

Alpha Omega Training

08/00 – 02/01

Owner, Developer and Instructor:

Negotiated contacts with computer training centers to deliver Basic Instructional Techniques.  A 3-day Train The Trainer course developed by myself and approved for Microsoft Certified Trainers.

United States Navy

10/91 – 02/01

Course Supervisor:

§ Supervised and coordinated the schedules of trainers and students.

Senior Instructor:

§ Group Paced Instruction / Instructor Training. Motivation, Learning Theories and Effective Communication for trainers, both foreign and domestic.

§ Curriculum Development utilizing Systematic Approach to Training Development (SAT).

§ Aircraft Firefighting and Emergency Air Crew Extraction.

Air terminal Supervisor:  3 years experience supervising a 25-member multi-cultural workgroup at the United States Navy’s busiest overseas air terminal.

Software Experience

§  Flash CS5

§  Adobe AIR

§  Fireworks CS5

§  Articulate

§  Toolbook

§  Captivate


§  Eclipse

§  Flash Media Server

§  Access

§  MySQL

§  Moodle

Programming Languages

§  JavaScript

§  Android

§  ActionScript

§  OpenScript

§  C#

§  ASP

§  PHP

§  VBscript



§ Consistent outstanding performance as Training Coordinator for a 600-member staff.

§ Superior performance as Air Terminal Supervisor in Sigonella, Italy, specifically during a 20-day labor strike.