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Services Offered

I specialize in connecting eLearning to other technologies to enable it to do things we only once imagined possible. For instance collecting; learner’s responses in one module and displaying them in another. Or sharing responses between users. Or accessing the learner’s device to enable them to shake their phone to respond to questions.

What follows are some examples of recent projects I have completed:

Sending Learner’s Voice to Cloud Services to Convert it to Text

Our goal was to simulate a customer call as closely as possible. The training was intended for mobile devices and it seened odd to have the learner respond to the prerecorded customer call by typing in their reply. It seemed natural to have the the learn speak into their phone just as they would an actual call.

Using JavaScript I built a solution that would capture the learner’s voice and stream it realtime to a Cloud based service that would return the text in realtime. When the learner was done speaking my JavaScript could evaluate the text transcription and look for keywords and phrases; ‘thank you’, ‘sorry for the inconvenience’, ‘I will be happy to help you with that’, etc.

The JavaScript would then set a variable in the course (Adobe Captivate) accordingly if the keywords/phrases were found. The course would then branch to the next portion of the conversation.

Pass Learner Generated Content Between Modules/Courses

Our client wanted to gather input from learners during the first module and then display that content later in other modules. For example they would ask the learner “list three reasons why you believe safety regulations are ignored” then in a completely different module state: As you recall you listed the following as the top reasons… “

To accomplish this I used JavaScript to gather the data from the course (Storyline 2). I also used JS to pull the learner’s ID from the LMS. I sent the data to Firebase (my favorite ‘serverless’ database solution). Then in subsequent modules I reversed the process. I pulled the data from Firebase based on the learner’s ID and pushed it back into the new Storyline module.

I have provided a similar solution using Google Spreadsheets (and Google Apps Script) to store the data.

Low Cost (Free) Leaderboard Using Google Spreadsheets

Many clients are trying ‘Gamification’ in their eLearning. Not all have the resources to setup a server/database to track the scores.

My solution is to use Google Spreadsheets. Google provides a great API and their own programming language (Google Apps Script) that enables developers to create web apps built into Google docs. I have created a generic example and shared the code on eLearningBrother’s blog. That solution does not meet everybody’s needs and I have created many custom versions of it. Essentially I post each learner’s score to the spreadsheet, sort it by score, and return the top ten. Then I push those back into the course (Lectora, Storyline, Captivate, etc.).

Add New Print Button and Restyle Storyline’s HTML5 Player

The client wanted to add a new button to built in playbar and restyle the default menu.

I created some JavaScript to insert the button into the playbar. I also wrote the JS needed to have the button print only the slide area.

I wrote CSS to restyle the menu (changing fonts and replacing the ▶ icon). I then wrote JS to force the new CSS into the document when the course loads.